Submission Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Nations & States.  We currently accept submissions for three sections: News & Analysis, Opinion, and Spotlight. Before emailing us a draft or pitch, we encourage you to peruse the section descriptions and guidelines below to see whether your content is appropriate for publication.

While each section has its own specific guidelines, there are a few points to keep in mind that apply to all of them:

  • If you have not submitted to N&S before, include in your email a 2–4 sentence bio introducing yourself and any relevant degrees, personal experience, or credentials you have. You may also include links to previously published material or social media profiles (LinkedIn and Twitter are most appropriate).
  • You may repost your work that appears on N&S to other sites. However, you must acknowledge that the material first appeared here, and link to the article on N&S. Any violations of this policy will adversely affect your ability to submit additional content to us in the future.
  • Please be upfront about any potential conflicts of interest that you may have.
  • If your submission is timely and revolves around a concrete deadline, ensure that this is reflected in your email so that our team can act accordingly.
  • Submit all pitches and/or completed drafts to with the following in the subject line: “FULL NAME-SUBMISSION TO [SECTION NAME].”

NEWS & ANALYSIS (600–2,500 words)

Pieces chronicling the most interesting and relevant foreign policy developments around the world, from Nigeria to Nicaragua, Washington to Warsaw, and beyond.

A successful analysis article pitch should clearly answer the following questions:

  • What is the general topic you will be writing about?
  • What is the thesis of your article—or, alternatively, what is the central question?
  • What are some of the areas of this topic you will explore in discussion of the thesis?
  • Please include at least 2–3 sources you will use for the piece.

OPINION (750–850  words)

Your thoughts on foreign policy matter. Let us project them to the world.

A successful opinion article pitch should clearly answer the following questions:

  • What is the general topic you will be writing about?
  • What is your argument or point of view, summarized in 2–3 sentences?
  • Please include at least 2–3 pieces of evidence that support your argument, with sources.

SPOTLIGHT (600–2,500 words)

A space for people with a significant story to tell, this section features posts from other blogs and highlights those who have distinguished themselves in their burgeoning careers. While its focus will be to showcase young professionals, the paths and advice of more seasoned professionals can also make an appearance.

Spotlight’s material is the most varied and flexible of all our sections. Appropriate content may include the following:

  • First-person accounts of fascinating atypical travel abroad experiences. Specific and narrowly-tailored stories about the time you went ice fishing on Lake Baikal, or got hopelessly lost in Bangui, are infinitely more fun than your drinking binges in London or Paris. Be interesting, and we’ll share your story.
  • What you learned or did while an intern at a specific organization (ideally focused on foreign affairs or a similar field). Again, provide an interesting, atypical angle. Be specific and avoid broad descriptions of activities.
  • Interviews of other individuals worth highlighting. The information you provide should be easily verifiable.

Submissions that don’t fit these categories are welcomed. Briefly pitch your idea in an email to Nations & States and if we’re interested, you’ll hear from us!